Floriade private tour

A must-go destination for garden-lovers.
Held only once every ten years!
Join our Floriade private tour

artist impression Floriade Private tour

From 14 April to 9 October 2022.
Get inspiration for your own garden, at the Floriade World Horticultural Expo.
The most important International horticultural exhibition in the world this year.
During my Floriade Private Tour we will see more than 100 gardens and pavilions with unique flowers and plants from all around the world.

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From Central Amsterdam to Almere is about half an hour.
Almere, the modern “garden city” of Amsterdam is built on land reclaimed from the sea.
A cable car or boat from Esplanade dock in Almere Stad across the Weerwater lake will take us to the Floriade site. 

artist impression Floriade Private tour

Central theme of Floriade 2022 will be ‘Growing Green cities’.
Nature-based solutions to solve urban problems.
But what will we see during my Floriade Private Tour and makes Floriade 2022 so special? Hereby a list:

  • Innovative landscape design: In the first place innovative landscape design, construction and maintenance examples of parks, gardens, green areas, green interior landscaping, green walls and roofs, circular biological system, moss decoration paintings, creations with bio-based materials, automated irrigation systems and water effects.
  • Horticultural technology: Circular horticulture and horticultural waste flows technology.
  • A to Z: From A to Z according to their botanical name from Acer to Zizyphus. 14.000 flower bulbs, 191 sections of the arboretum, 10,000 shrubs.
  • Hortus: The green urban district Hortus.
  • International cuisines: Dutch, Surinamese, Indonesian and Caribbean cuisines food & beverage service.
  • Sustainable food: Food Forum sourced great by sustainable products inside a 30 km radius of Floriade.
  • Artwork: Life artwork project ‘Bobbing Forest’ sea buoys filled with elm trees.
  • Cable car: Fantastic bird’s eye view enjoy the landscaping from a gondola.
  • Amsterdam Almere: Almere, a city with 144 nationalities and 190 ethnicities; the Garden of Peace.
  • Province Flevoland: The Flevoland province pavilion represents Flevoland’s fertile soil, reclaimed from the sea, around 15 feet below sea level.
  • Art Museum: The floating Art Museum the design featuring three circles: the Port, the Stage and the Observatory.
  • Arboretum: The arboretum of Floriade consisting of trees, plants, flowers and shrubs, which are all planted in alphabetically order.
  • Archipelago Indonesia: ‘Wonderful Archipelago’ represents Indonesia’s enormous diversity in nature and culture of the more than 17,000 islands.
  • ‘Biotopia – Growing Community’, Germany’s innovative solutions for a sustainable interaction between nature and the city.
  • Eight flower gardens: The flower art project Classics & Future Moments eight colorful flower and plant gardens.
  • The 6oo feet long Green House: five parts; the Reception, a High-tech Greenhouse, an Experiential Greenhouse, a Technology Innovation Center and a Greenhouse Restaurant.
  • Floral Art from Japan: ‘Ikebana’ the Japanese art of making flower arrangements with beautiful compositions.
  • Floral Art from Quatar: Qatar’s ‘Desert Nest’.
  • Flores Almere: The residential tower Flores consisting of 80 rental apartments. Façade artworks of trees, plants and flowers.

There is something for everyone; show gardens, floral pavillions, an everyday cultural programme, first class food and beverage. We will make it into a great day out!

A day to step away from the obvious cheese and windmills and enjoy a day exploring delightful gardens, by international landscape designer and city planners.

This day trip may take a full day if we combine it with a visit to the Keukenhof flower gardens, but these must-see gardens are well worth the time.
If we leave early on a weekday we could combine it with a visit to the Flora Holland flower auction in Aalsmeer. This will make it your greenest day out.

artist impression Floriade Private tour

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