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4 Best Places to Go in Gouda.
Wondering where should I travel in the Netherlands?
Don’t worry, Hans Langh Private Tours Holland has listed some great options in this blog.
Gouda highlights: more than just cheese.

Thursday Cheese Market Gouda

cheeses at the market in gouda

You can’t say cheese without saying Gouda!
Operational since 1395.
From April to August Thursday Cheese Market is the trading place in Gouda of one of the most popular cheeses in the world.
Handshaking of the cheese traders and farmers.
Surrounded by the famous Gouda cheese girls and boys.


On Thursday during summer season a visit to Gouda can be included in our Amsterdam, Gouda, Delft and the Hague Tour.

Gouda Cheese Market

Saint John Church Gouda

stained glass windows saint john church gouda

Don’t forget to pay a visit to the Saint John’s Cathedral.
Dedicated to John the Baptist, patron saint of Gouda.
The longest church in the Netherlands. More important are the 70 stained glass windows (de Goudse Glazen) from the 16th Century.
St. Jan’s Church is located in beautiful, historical Gouda and is the city’s principal monument.
Originally a Catholic church, but became a Protestant place of worship in 1573. This as a result of the Dutch Revolt against the Spanisch siege.

Sint Jan or Saint John Church Gouda

Town Hall Gouda

Christmas Lights at Town Hall Gouda

Gouda has one of the oldest Gothic town halls in the Netherlands.
It stands right in the middle of the lively centre of Gouda’s Market Place and it is world-famous.
The town fire of 1361 destroyed the predecessor of this town hall.
Requirement for the construction of a new town hall was: it had to be located in the middle of the market. That way it would be less prone to fire.

To see the Town Hall Gouda join our Amsterdam, Gouda, Delft and the Hague Tour.

Town Hall

Waag Gouda

historical drawing of weigh house gouda

De Waag Gouda is a beautiful 17th century building, built in brick in the Dutch Classicism architectural style. Built by the famous architect Pieter Post in 1668.
A tableau of Carrara marble in the historical front facade shows a depiction of the weighing of cheese.
Nowadays you will find in the weighing house a ‘Cheese and Crafts Museum’ and the tourist office. Saying cheese means saying Gouda!

Weigh House Gouda