Laurenskerk Rotterdam

this how the church laurenskerk rotterdam looked like after the bombardment of rotterdam 14th of may in the year 1940

The medieval Laurenskerk Rotterdam is also called the ‘Grote Kerk of Rotterdam’ and is one of the few old buildings in the city.
The Second World War started in the Netherlands with the bombing of Rotterdam on the 14th of May 1940, between 1.27pm and 1.40pm. The entire historic centre was destroyed and burned, but the heavily damaged church survived.
In total, there were 800 dead, 25,000 homes, 14,000 buildings destroyed and a fire that smoldered for many days after. The 8-mile fire boundary is marked with 128 lights that glow red in the pavement at night. In the lights you can see the contours of the burning city, a German bomber and the statue ‘the destroyed city’.