Maritime Museum Amsterdam

the 17th century flute ship in front of the maritime museum amsterdam

Scheepvaartmuseum, the Maritime Museum Amsterdam was built in 1656 as a naval arsenal and shipyard for the Admiralty of Amsterdam.
The rich history of the Dutch East and West Indian Company can be followed here.
A visit is well worth the effort as well as the replica of the original 17th century trading ship the ‘Amsterdam’. The Amsterdam sank near Hastings, on its way to Indonesia.
On show as well is William the First’s royal chaloupe from 1881, rowed by twenty rowers.
More highlights are the collection of nautical charts, the world famous Blaeu Atlases printed in Amsterdam in 1663, naval prints, globes, naval equipment and instruments, Bram van der Velde paintings, figureheads, plus a collection of 500 ships and boats models.
Until 1973 the headquarters and communication centre of the Royal Dutch Navy was based here. Then in 1981 it became this museum.

On any of our tours we can see the Maritime Museum and 17th century ship ‘Amsterdam’.