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Day trips from Amsterdam. Countryside, the Hague, Delft and more … Holland Private Tours

Hans Langh Holland Private Tours has been awarded the Certificate of Excellence from TripAdvisor.

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Holland Private Tours to Keukenhof 2022 and the flower fields during the opening hours of Keukenhof (Keukenhof 2022 opening dates from the 24th of March until the 15th of May 2022), from 8 am to 7.30 pm.
Five pavilions showing the history of the Dutch flower business, changing flower shows, a galore of orchids. Feel like a tourist, watch people from all over the world and enjoy the spring sunshine!

For a gardening enthusiasts my ‘Floriade Private tour’ will be 6a dream tour!
World Expo Floriade Amsterdam Almere 2022 is the greatest horticultural show on earth. From the 14th of April until the 9th of October 2022.

More than two million visitors expected over the half year run.
Organised in the Netherlands every 10 years only.
The Floriade park will be a showcase of green, sustainable technology.
My half day tour will give an insight of the world’s most beautiful garden design and innovative landscaping.

The private Amsterdam City Tour is fully customizable and it is a combination of seeing historical architecture, museums and beautiful canals.

My private Grand Holland Tour explores the best of Holland in one full day, it is flexible and you decide which places we’ll visit.

A private Amsterdam tour can be starting from Amsterdam Airport Schiphol or from your hotel.

You will have a worry-free experience when you go ashore with my offshore tour from your cruise ship. Both river cruises and sea cruises often start in Amsterdam or Rotterdam.

In combination with the tour, we purchase your entrance tickets for the museums.
The main museums in Amsterdam are: van Gogh Museum, Hermitage Amsterdam, Anne Frank House and RijksMuseum.

If you have more then one day available in the Netherlands.
The Flanders Tour takes you to some of the greatest and most picturesque cities in Europe, like Bruges, Ghent, Antwerp and Brussels.
Flanders fields is all about first and second World War history.

City transfers from Amsterdam to Paris, Berlin or Brussels.
Transportation and tours.

Your private tour guide Holland Hans Langh will get you inspired by discovering new destinations. We help you. Based on your interests and budget.
Certainly we are always happy to answer questions before you make a reservation.

During my tours we comply to the Dutch measures against COVID-19.
Most important is that we avoid busy places.
I am one of the only Amsterdam guides with a spacious van, that makes social distancing easy. So face masks are not required.

Starting Point 1:
Official meeting point Amsterdam Airport Schiphol Plaza.

Vertrekpassage 2, 1118 AP Schiphol, Netherlands.
Time: from 7 AM until 7 PM.
Flight information: www.schiphol.nl
No transfers: pickup only in combination with tours.

Starting Point 2:
Passenger Terminal Amsterdam PTA.

Piet Heinkade 27, 1019 BR Amsterdam, Netherlands.
Time: from 7 AM until 7 PM.
Arrivals and departures: https://www.ptamsterdam.com
No transfers: pickup only in combination with tours.

Starting Point 3:
All hotels in the larger Amsterdam region.

Time: from 7 AM until 7 PM.
Hotel information and reviews: https://www.tripadvisor.com/SmartDeals-g188590-Amsterdam_North_Holland_Province-Hotel-Deals.html
No transfers: pickup only in combination with tours.

Holland Private Tours, guide and driver: Hans Langh.

An introduction:
Not born in Amsterdam but well educated in Holland’s south. A master’s degree at the Academy of Visual Arts, Breda, Netherlands. Thereafter additional courses at Hochschule der Künste HdK Berlin, Germany, Fachbereich 4 Visuelle Kommunikation. Worked as a visualizer for Shell Research Lab in Amsterdam and DTP for several prepress and advertising agencies.
Career switch into tourism, both driver and guide. A professional traveler at van Nood Reizen, tour leader at Lovers Canal Cruise Company and at Great Amsterdam Excursions Company Amsterdam Airport Schiphol. Paris, Berlin and Amsterdam I know like the inside of my pocket.
For everyones safety Hans Langh received COVID-19 vaccinations.

More information on my LinkedIn pages or the FaceBook pages of Hans Langh Holland Private Tours.

Hans Langh Holland Private Tours takes care of the transportation of your group. Prices depend on the transportation needed. MPV, minivan or coach.

Send an email or text to +31614350386

Hans Langh: Holland Private Tours Amsterdam private tour guide and driver. Bon voyage!
call us or send a text message to +31614350386 Holland Private Tours

Hans Langh Holland Private Tours has served many elderly and passengers with disabilities. Please let us know prior to the tour what are your specific assistance needs. Will you be able to board our van by doing some steps? Our VW T5 has big and wide doors to make it easy to get in and out. We have a wheelchair available and a small mobility scooter can be fitted in the boot of the van. So the tour is in most cases accessible for wheelers and slow walkers with disabilities.

Passengers with disabilities on private tours
Una excursión a Amsterdam, Keukenhof y los campos de tulipanes holandeses.

¿Tiene mucho tiempo de tránsito en el aeropuerto de Amsterdam durante su vuelo internacional? Les ofrecemos la posibilidad de realizar una excursión a Amsterdam, Keukenhof y los campos de tulipanes holandeses en flor.
Ciudadanos de Mexico, Colombia, Argentina, Guatemala, Panamá, Honduras, México, Nicaragua, Uruguay, Venezuela, Argentina, Brasil, Chile, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Paraguay y los Estados Unidos no requieren visa.

Pictures of Hans Langh's Great Amsterdam City Tour.
Pictures of the Amsterdam City Tour

Hans Langh is always happy to answer questions before you make a reservation (special requests about combining or changing tour pickup and drop off points). Arriving at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol we would like to know your flight number to return you to Schiphol in good time for your onward flight. I would like to hear from you. To book a tour at short notice, same or next day, call Hans Langh on +31 6 14350386.

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    Rotterdam highlights

    SS Rotterdam Holland America Line

    Of the many ships that can be seen in the port of Rotterdam, the SS Rotterdam Holland America Line is...
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    Amsterdam highlights

    Van Gogh Museum Amsterdam

    The Van Gogh Museum Amsterdam has the largest collection in the world of paintings by Vincent van Gogh. 200 paintings...
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    Countryside of Holland

    Beemster polder reclaimed land

    Windmills were invented that could pump up water and this was a breakthrough in the battle against flooding. First a...
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    The Hague highlights

    Panorama Mesdag The Hague

    A must-see in The Hague is a gigantic painted panorama, with a diameter of up to 100 feet by Hendrik...
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    Amsterdam highlights

    Newmarket area Amsterdam

    The Nieuwmarkt area Amsterdam is one of the oldest neighbourhoods in Amsterdam,At the center is the Waag, the weigh-house, built...
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    Flowers of Holland

    Floriade 2022 Amsterdam Almere

    Floriade 2022 Amsterdam Almere will take place from the 14th of April to the 9th of October 2022.A horticultural expo...
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    Rotterdam highlights

    Rotterdam skyline

    The Wilhelmina pier is located on the south bank of the Maas River. Here you will find yourself in the...
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    Haarlem highlights

    at the Spaarne river Haarlem

    Many of the activities that made Haarlem great were possible because of its location on this water. Before the arrival...
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    Leiden highlights

    Leiden University

    Leiden University was founded in 1581 in a monastery as the first university in the Netherlands. Due to the ever-growing...
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    Countryside of Holland


    The most beautiful part of the old city wall is the famous Koppelpoort from 1400. It is a combined gate...
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    Countryside of Holland


    Since 1957 the island of Marken is connected to the mainland via a dam.Before the damming of the Zuiderzee there...
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    Leiden highlights

    Hortus Botanicus Leiden

    The Hortus Botanicus Leiden of the university has an orangery, tropical and subtropical plants and a laburnum from 1601. The...
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    Amsterdam highlights

    City Archives Amsterdam

    The City Archives Amsterdam is the most beautiful archive in the world. To know more about the history of Amsterdam,...
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    Rotterdam highlights

    Holland America Line in Rotterdam

    The fact that a hotel is one of the main sights of a city is an exception.Until the 1970s, this...
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    Amsterdam highlights

    red light district Amsterdam

    In the evening life awakens in the red light district. Then the red lights shine in the countless shop windows...
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    Rotterdam highlights

    Cubic houses Rotterdam

    The Cubic houses are a top attraction and a striking sight between all the skyscrapers and the enormous harbour of...
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    Haarlem highlights

    Teylers Museum Haarlem

    Teylers Museum from 1784, located directly on the Spaarne river, is the oldest museum in the Netherlands.A very wealthy cloth...
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    Countryside of Holland

    Amsterdam Defence Line

    During the Eighty Years' War, the Watergeuzen flooded large areas. This was the simplest defense against the enemy. The flooded...
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    Amsterdam highlights

    Jordaan area Amsterdam

    What is now the Jordaan area Amsterdam was in the seventeenth century the place of housing for workers who built...
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