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10 Best Places to Go in Rotterdam.
Wondering where should I travel in the Netherlands?
Don’t worry, Hans Langh Private Tours Holland has listed some great options in this blog.
Rotterdam: dynamic, raw and cool.

Markthal Rotterdam

an artist impression of apartments built above the central markthal rotterdam markthal rotterdam

Reason for a visit is that the Markthal Rotterdam, with its horseshoe-shaped architecture, is that it has a very special design.
The ingenious concept resembles a huge airplane hangar. Above the market floor are 10 floors with more than 200 apartments and underneath are 1200 parking spaces.
In addition, all kinds of delicacies are displayed next to each other. Eight restaurant, fifteen gourmet shops and around one hundred stands.
For foodies fresh fish, regional vegetables, dairy products and exotic sweets are offered.

For a little lunch during our Delft and the Hague tour we often make a short stop at Markthal Rotterdam.

Rotterdam skyline

rotterdam skyline with erasmusbridge at twilight

The Wilhelmina pier is located on the south bank of the Maas River. Here you will find yourself in the middle of the famous Rotterdam skyline, which is reminiscent of Manhattan.
This is the historic and contemporary cruise terminal of Rotterdam, the rawest and coolest city in the Netherlands.
The building ‘de Rotterdam’ is the largest building in the Netherlands. It’s height is 500 feet and the three towers make up an area of ​​2,000,000 square feet. Designed by OMA Office for Metropolitan Architecture.
The Erasmus suspension bridge with 1 steel pylon is 2650 feet long and connects Rotterdam South with the center of the city. Nicknamed ‘the Swan’ because of its elegant shape.

Laurenskerk Rotterdam

this how the church laurenskerk rotterdam looked like after the bombardment of rotterdam 14th of may in the year 1940

The medieval Laurenskerk Rotterdam is also called the ‘Grote Kerk of Rotterdam’ and is one of the few old buildings in the city.
The Second World War started in the Netherlands with the bombing of Rotterdam on the 14th of May 1940, between 1.27pm and 1.40pm. The entire historic centre was destroyed and burned, but the heavily damaged church survived.
In total, there were 800 dead, 25,000 homes, 14,000 buildings destroyed and a fire that smoldered for many days after. The 8-mile fire boundary is marked with 128 lights that glow red in the pavement at night. In the lights you can see the contours of the burning city, a German bomber and the statue ‘the destroyed city’.

Euromast Rotterdam

in top of the euromast rotterdam a father and son are enjoying view

The Euromast Rotterdam is the highlight of the city.
One can enjoy from the ‘ship’s mast’ the view of the city in the open air.
Built in just 23 days on the occasion of the Floriade Horticultural Expo of 1960.
The height is 330 feet and with a rotating gondola one it is raised another 275 meters.
On the west side the seaports and the North Sea are visible and in a northerly direction you can see Amsterdam, The Hague and Utrecht.
At the top of the viewing platform are two hotel suites, if you want to have the Euromast to yourself.

The Euromast is a great location for the perfect view over Rotterdam. Or for a lunch during our Rotterdam Tour.

Maritime Museum Rotterdam

cranes, lighthouse and historical vessels at maritime museum rotterdam

Compared to the museum in Amsterdam, the Maritime Museum Rotterdam mainly shows modern life at sea.
There are special children’s exhibitions, where active participation is the most important.
Historic ships, cranes and lighthouses can be seen at the adjacent harbour.
Special items are the models of passenger ships from companies such as the Holland America Line and the Koninklijke Nedloyd.

SS Rotterdam Holland America Line

the legendary former flagship of the Holland America Line, the ss Rotterdam

Of the many ships that can be seen in the port of Rotterdam, the SS Rotterdam Holland America Line is the most special.
It is the largest passenger ship ever built in the Netherlands. For many years the ship was in service of the Holland-America cruise line until it was phased out in 2000.
You can book a tour, enjoy the view over the harbor in the ship’s restaurant or even book an overnight stay in a ship’s cabin.
You don’t have to be a ship connoisseur to enjoy the beautiful interiors.

To enjoy the interior of the SS Rotterdam we can make a stop on our Delft, Gouda and the Hague tour.

Delfshaven Rotterdam

canal, drawbridge and historical ships in Delfshaven

On the 1st of August 1620, religiously persecuted men departed from the Pilgrim Fathers’ Church, to sail to a new land now called America.
In Delfshaven Rotterdam one gets an impression of what Rotterdam looked like before the Second World War.
This district was spared the German bombardment of 1940.
The beer of Brewerij de Pelgrim calls itself ‘the liquid gold of Rotterdam’.

delfshaven rotterdam

Cubic houses Rotterdam

a series of yellow cubic houses look like trees in a forest

The Cubic Houses Rotterdam are a top attraction and a striking sight between all the skyscrapers and the enormous harbour of Rotterdam.
The houses are not level, but on a corner at an angle of 45 degrees.
With this, the houses definitely offer a special living pleasure, although one has to find the appropriate furniture.
The cubes are a design by Piet Blom and are a typical product of experimental architecture from the seventies. The cube house was seen as a tree and the whole as a forest.
The ‘Kijkkubus’ is one of the houses that can be visited and provides insight into the handicaps of living in a non-linear living world.

Sightseeing Rotterdam we will do during the Rotterdam, Delft and the Hague private tour.

Holland America Line in Rotterdam

text of holland amerika line on top of the facade of hotel new york in rotterdam

The fact that a hotel is one of the main sights of a city is an exception.
Until the 1970s, this building on the Wilhelminapier was the head office of the Holland America Line in Rotterdam.
Tens of thousands emigrated from here to America by ship.
Much of the historic flair and original architecture has been preserved. It is the perfect starting point for a city tour.

During our Delft and the Hague tour this would be a prefect place for a cup of coffee.

Port of Rotterdam

tugboat 12 port of rotterdam and huge container ship

The Port of Rotterdam is definitely one of the tourist highlights of Rotterdam.
With an annual production of 450 million tons, Rotterdam is by far the largest port in Europe and number four worldwide after three asian ports.
The best way to discover the harbour is with a two-hour harbour cruise from Spido cruise company, passing the container transfer quays and gigantic oil tankers.
Expansion was created in the North Sea with the Maasvlakte. Because of this, it is more than a thirty miles distance from the heart of the city to the North Sea.
More than 90,000 people work in the port every day.

During our Gouda and the Hague tour we will pass by the Port of Rotterdam and get an impression of its size. Or do a harbour cruise.