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12 Best Places to Go in the Hague.
Wondering where should I travel in the Netherlands?
Don’t worry, Hans Langh Private Tours Holland has listed some great options in this blog.
The Hague is chic, royal and international.

Panorama Mesdag The Hague

the secret of the panorama mesdag the hague painting is revealed in this picture panorama mesdag the hague

A must-see in The Hague is a gigantic painted panorama, with a diameter of up to 100 feet by Hendrik Mesdag.
Panorama Mesdag the Hague is imposing and large and it is the only panorama in the world that is still in the original building and in it’s original arrangement.
The way to the Panorama of Mesdag goes up a spiral staircase and then you are suddenly on top of a dune. You can really walk around the plateau together with other visitors and study all the details on the balustrade.
One hears the sound of seagulls and feels the fresh wind. But the view is painted and virtual. Virtual Reality from 1881.

This stunning panoramic painting we will visit during our Amsterdam, Gouda, Delft and the Hague Tour.

Prison Gate The Hague

cell block at the prison gate in the hague

The Gevangenpoort was used as a prison from 1420 and shows the story of crime and punishment through the ages.
Prison Gate The Hague is comparable to the Tower in London and the Conciergerie in Paris, also ancient prisons.
One can imagine what happened here centuries ago because of the torture instruments on display.
On display are neck and handcuffs, branding irons, executioner swords, bone blocks, thumb screws, breaking wheels, knee splitters and body strechers.

Madurodam The Hague

two male adults look like giants in between of the miniture houses of madurodam the hague

Madurodam The Hague is the city to visit if you want to feel like a giant. It is in fact the smallest city in the Netherlands.
In a park of four acres are the most important Dutch buildings in miniature format with a scale of 1 to 25. In this miniature world also move around 16000 mini people, 4500 cars and 58 ships.
Highlights of the miniature city are Schiphol Airport, the Peace Palace, the bulb fields, the port of Rotterdam, the Binnenhof and Holland’s windmills.

Scheveningen The Hague beach

on the pier in scheveningen the hague beach is a giant ferris wheel

From the city centre of the Hague it is only 15 minutes to Scheveningen the Hague beach. The sea side village is located directly on the beach with long sandy beaches and a large dune area.
It used to be a small fishing village, today it is one of the main beach resorts in the Netherlands.
Numerous beach bars and restaurants are located around the Kurhaus.
Fresh fish is available at the fish restaurants located right next to the fish auction.

Noordeinde Palace The Hague

orange tulips in front of the work palace of king william alexander of orange noordeinde palace the hague

Noordeinde Palace The Hague is the workplace and official seat of the Dutch King Willem Alexander of Orange.
Today, the 16th-century palace mainly serves for representational purposes, such as the reception of state guests.
The king is present when the Orange flag is in the top.
The palace cannot be visited, but the gardens behind it are open to the public.
Moreover, the palace is located at Noordeinde, one of the most beautiful shopping miles of The Hague. And the covered Passage from 1880 is also not far. Here you meet Parisian chic with fashionable flagship stores.