Tuschinski Cinema Amsterdam

interior view of tuschinski cinema amsterdam

Tuschinski Cinema Amsterdam is now part of Pathé cinemas and has six screens.
There are regularly Dutch premieres with red carpet and paparazzi.
The building is named after its founder, the Jewish Polish immigrant Abraham Tuschinski, who had it built according to his taste and insight. The style is a mixture of Jugendstil, Art Deco and Amsterdam School. The entire interior, including the lamps, carpets, wall coverings, wall and ceiling paintings, are part of the total concept.
Initially also variety numbers were also staged.
It is one of the most beautiful movie theaters in Europe and it is still one of the most special buildings in Amsterdam today.
Tuschinski and co-founders Gerschtanowitz and Herman Ehrlich were deported to Germany during the war. There they were killed.

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