Delft and the Hague private Tour

Itinerary and optionals of the 7 hours private tours from Amsterdam to Gouda, Delft and the Hague .

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    Full-day, 7-hour Delft and The Hague Private Tour from Amsterdam: €610 or USD 610 per group. Extra hours: €80 or USD 80 per hour. No prepayment needed, hassle-free cancellations.

    tulips and windmill at Hans Langh's Great Amsterdam Private Holland Tour.
    Our Private Tours Holland by Hans Langh

    A private tour of Gouda includes all about the famous Gouda cheese, one of the world’s most popular cheeses. Gouda is also known for its ‘stroopwafels,’ the spectacular city hall, and Saint John’s Church. The Gouda cheese market takes place on Thursdays from April to August.
    Highlights of Gouda in Hans Langh’s blog:
    Thursday Cheese Market, the City Hall, Saint John Church, Cheese and Crafts Museum …

    A private tour of Delft includes a walk through the medieval city, along canals and mansions with beautiful facades. The Town Hall, Old Church, and New Church are stunning monuments on the Market Square. Delft Blue pottery is world-famous, and visiting the last remaining factories is optional.
    Highlights of Delft in Hans Langh’s blog:
    Market Square, Vermeer Centre, New Church, Old Church, the beautiful facades, Delft blue, Prinsenhof …

    A private tour of The Hague includes a walk through the Dutch parliamentary complex, a visit to the Mauritshuis museum, the United Nations International Court of Justice (ICJ), and the palaces of the Dutch King and Queen.
    Highlights of the Hague in Hans Langh’s blog:
    Panorama Mesdag, Prison Gate, Madurodam, Scheveningen, Noordeinde Palace, Escher Museum, Peace Palace, Kunstmuseum, Automobile Museum, the skyline of the Hague, Binnenhof Parliament, Mauritshuis Museum …

    Highlights of Leiden in Hans Langh’s blog:
    Hortus Botanicus, Leiden museums, Pieterskerk, Burcht fortress, Leiden University, City Hall, Museum The Cloth Hall …

    Highlights of Rotterdam in Hans Langh’s blog:
    Port of Rotterdam, Markthal, the Rotterdam skyline, Laurenskerk, Euromast, Maritime Museum, Kinderdijk windmills, SS Rotterdam, Delfshaven, Cubic houses, Holland America Line history …

    Included in my private day trips from Amsterdam to Gouda, Delft, and The Hague could be:

    picture of Mauritshuis the Hague.

    The Mauritshuis collection features Dutch and Flemish painters, including masterpieces like Vermeer’s ‘Girl with a Pearl Earring’ and Rembrandt’s ‘The Anatomy Lesson.’ Included in our private tour of The Hague.

    At van Gogh exhibition Kroller Muller Museum

    The Kröller-Müller Museum has an extensive collection of Vincent van Gogh’s works, offering an impressive overview of his art. Its garden is one of Europe’s most notable sculpture gardens.

    picture of a Delft Blue kiss.

    Delft Blue pottery was first made in Delft around 1660, the same time Vermeer painted his famous “View of Delft.”

    picture of Delft Blue fashion show. delft-blue-dress

    Delft Blue today. Looking for a special gift for a birthday or a real Delft Blue souvenir?

    picture of flower auction Aalsmeer.

    Visit the Aalsmeer flower auction, a world in itself. You have to get up early, but it’s worth it to see this world-famous auction.

    picture of skaters along dutch windmills. grand-holland-private-tour ice-skating-holland

    Holland’s skating tradition: There’s nothing like ice skating on Amsterdam’s frozen canals or the countryside’s waterways.

    picture of Volendam girl eating a herring. taking it by the tail

    In Holland, people have eaten raw herring, the Dutch version of sushi, for hundreds of years. To eat it, hold the fish by its tail, dip it in onions, and let it slide into your mouth.

    picture of Rotterdam skyline.

    Rotterdam is a world-famous port city, rebuilt and modernized after WWII destruction. The Harbour Museum shows the port’s development. The city’s skyline is impressive.

    picture of Dutch windmills. zaanse_schans

    Zaanse Schans is in the Dutch countryside, a few miles north of Amsterdam. It offers a vivid impression of 17th and 18th-century Dutch life with authentic houses, a historic shipyard, a cheese and dairy farm, clog-making demonstrations, and many windmills.

    picture of vintage Rotterdam cranes. holland_engineering

    With one third of the country at or below sea level, the Dutch are water management experts, advising on projects in China, Africa, and Australia.

    picture of flowers at Keukenhof. grand-holland-private-tour/ keukenhof2022

    From March 20 to May 11, 2025, Keukenhof‘s 79 acres will feature around seven million planted bulbs. Each year, Keukenhof has a different theme; this year’s theme was “the 75th Anniversary.”

    picture of tulips. tulipanes

    Only during tulip season!
    The Netherlands is the world’s top producer and exporter of tulip bulbs, with nearly 2,000 varieties.

    Map Holland Private Tour from Amsterdam. Route East, North and South.

    Grand Holland private Tour:
    water control, fishing villages, polder landscapes, dikes, windmills, cheese, and tulips.

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    Hans Langh is always happy to answer questions before you make a reservation (special requests about combining or changing tour pickup and drop off points). Arriving at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol we would like to know your flight number to return you to Schiphol in good time for your onward flight. I would like to hear from you. To book a tour at short notice, same or next day, call Hans Langh on +31 6 14350386.

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