Keukenhof tulip gardens and tulip fields tours

Private Tour to Keukenhof Gardens and Tulip Fields 2025

Dates: Keukenhof Gardens open from March 20th to May 11th, 2025.
Although the organisation advises to buy Keukenhof tickets online and in advance, it is easy to get them on the day. The gardens are never sold out and it is very well organised.

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    Price of our four hours Keukenhof private tour and tulip fields private tour € 360 or USD 360 per group.
    Additional hours or hours less € 80 or USD 80. Keukenhof tickets are not included.
    A pre payment is never needed and if you have to cancel your booking this will be no problem.
    Best in combination with the Amsterdam City Tour or the Holland Private Tour from Amsterdam or a short walk in the flower city of Haarlem.

    Four-hour private tour: €360 or USD 360 per group.
    Additional hours: €80 or USD 80 per hour.
    Keukenhof tickets not included.
    No prepayment required and easy cancellation.

    Booking Tips:
    Mid-April is peak bloom for tulip fields.
    Enjoy the stunning views of tulips, daffodils, hyacinths, and other flowers.
    It’s best to book Keukenhof tickets online in advance, but they are also available on the day.
    For the best experience, visit early in the morning or late in the afternoon to avoid crowds.

    Combination Tours:
    Combine with an Amsterdam City Tour or a Holland Private Tour from Amsterdam.
    Visit nearby Haarlem for a short walk in the flower city.
    Airport Transfers:

    Ideal for long layovers at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol.
    We can pick you up from the airport and take you directly to Keukenhof.

    tulips and windmill at Hans Langh's Great Amsterdam Private Holland Tour.
    Our Private Tours Holland by Hans Langh

    Highlights near Haarlem described in Hans Langh’s blog:
    Hofjes or the Almshouses, the Spaarne river, New Bavo Cathedral, old Saint Bavo, Haarlemmermeer Polder, Frans Hals Museum, the Dolhuys Asylum, Teylers Museum, Hans Brinker hero of Haarlem, Jopenkerk Brewery.

    Hans Langh’s blog about flowers:
    Keukenhof, Floriade, FloraHolland.

    A carpet of beautiful deep purple tulips at Beemster Polder.
    In between stunning purple tulip fields. Location Flevoland.

    Keukenhof 2020 was cancelled.
    Keukenhof 2021 was cancelled as well.
    How was Keukenhof 2022?
    In 2022 the number of visitors was 1,1 million.
    20% from the Netherlands. Followed by Germany 15%, the USA 10%.
    Trending is the increasing number of families and young people visiting.
    Keukenhof opened its gates on the 24th of March.
    Hans Langh started the Keukenhof private tour again.
    Spring started with low temperatures; in the first two weeks there were not many spectacular sights. Tulips bloomed in the snow.
    Easter was early this year. Hyacinths, daffodils, and crocuses. But no tulips blooming in the flower fields.
    Oranje Nassau Pavilion had as always much to offer: the roses show, the summer flower show and ‘Flower Power’.
    The last week of April and the first two weeks of May the tulip fields were in maximum blooming.
    Travellers that booked the tulip tour were very excited.
    So nature goes its own way like usual.

    The central theme of Keukenhof 2022 was ‘Flower Classics’.
    Central theme of Keukenhof 2024 was it’s 75th Anniversary.
    Theme of Keukenhof 2025 … (see more)
    Planting tulips at Keukenhof in preparation.

    Keukenhof’s gardeners will be planting the first bulbs in October.
    This marks the start of the planting of seven million bulbs for the next year’s display.
    From the March until May you can enjoy eight hundred varieties of tulips. Also Narcissus, Hyacinths, Daffodils, Lilies, Orchids, and Peonies. Early and late-blooming perennials.

    Let’s meet again in Spring 2024.
    Also, next year Keukenhof will be a great place to be.
    All staff of Keukenhof is friendly and helpful as ever.
    The Keukenhof gardens are truly amazing and not to be missed.
    My Keukenhof private tour will be for all an excellent experience and for many a highlight of the trip to Holland.
    Next season Hans Langh private tours will make sure that everyone will feel comfortable, will be informed, and that you will have a great trip!!

    Keukenhof 2025 dates: from the 20th of March until the 11th of May.

    To see tulips full blooming my advice would be to book between 1st of April and 1st of May. Follow my tulip alert on this page!
    My preference is to leave early, around 8 am, from your hotel to be at the gardens during the peaceful hours. If leaving earlier we could start with a visit to the Flora Holland flower auction. The golden hours for a Keukenhof visit can also be after 5 or 6 pm. From Amsterdam, it is a drive of less than one hour. Keukenhof park will close at 7.30 pm and will give you another three hours.
    I will join you all the way to take photos. Lots of photos!
    Daffodils, tulips, Muscari naturally planted in woodlands. Eighty acres of flowers in open fields but also lots of inside activities.

    # A Keukenhof Private tour (Keukenhof 2025 opening dates from the 20th of March until the 11th of May) and the flower fields.

    # See Amsterdam, city of bikes, bridges, and flowers: the floating flower market, the flower auction, the Hortus Botanicus, historical private gardens.

    # Best in combination with the Grand Holland private Tour: Delft, the Hague, Zijper polder, Zaanse Schans, Volendam, Edam.

    # Not widely known but Flevoland, Zijper -, Beemster – and Schermer polder are the largest tulip areas in the Netherlands. Tulip fields as far as the eye can see.

    tulip fields at Beemster polder red and red
    tulip fields at beemster polder white snowwhite
    purple tulip fields at beemster polder
    pink tulip fields at beemster polder

    Beemster Polder in May: an explosion of blooming tulips!

    Flower Auction tour Aalsmeer: Royal Flora Holland

    On early weekday mornings we do a private tour to the world famous Flower Auction Royal Flora Holland. Floral wholesalers around the globe buy their flowers here from the Dutch growers. We can witness the amazing logistic actions after the trading of around 20 million flowers per day.

    Floriade: Was a must-go destination for garden-lovers!

    Held only once every ten years!
    Best in combination with the Aalsmeer Flower Auction.
    Join our private Floriade and Flower Auction tour!

    Floriade took place from 14 April to 9 October 2022.
    We got inspiration for your own garden, at the Floriade World Horticultural Expo.
    During our Floriade and Flower Auction Tour we saw more than 100 gardens and pavilions with unique flowers and plants from all around the world.

    Not to be missed highlights around the Floriade were:
    Almere, Muiderslot Castle, Weesp, Amersfoort, Naarden fortified city, Flevoland new land.

    From Central Amsterdam to Almere is about half an hour.
    Almere, the modern “garden city” of Amsterdam is built on land reclaimed from the sea.
    A boat or cable car from Esplanade dock Almere crossing the Weerwater lake was the way to get to the Floriade site.

    Central theme of Floriade 2022 was ‘Growing Green Cities’.
    Nature-based solutions to solve urban problems.
    But what did we see during my Floriade and Flower Auction Tour and made Floriade 2022 so special? Hereby a list:

    # Innovative landscape design: In the first place innovative landscape design, construction and maintenance examples of parks, gardens, green areas, green interior landscaping, green walls and roofs, circular biological system, moss decoration paintings, creations with bio-based materials, automated irrigation systems and water effects.

    # The 6oo feet long Green House: five parts; the Reception, a High-tech Greenhouse, an Experiential Greenhouse, a Technology Innovation Center and a Greenhouse Restaurant.

    # Horticultural technology: Circular horticulture and horticultural waste flows technology.

    # Hortus: The green urban district Hortus.

    # Sustainable food: Food Forum sourced great by sustainable products inside a 30 km radius of Floriade.

    # Amsterdam Almere: Almere, a city with 144 nationalities and 190 ethnicities; the Garden of Peace.

    # Province Flevoland: The Flevoland province pavilion represents Flevoland’s fertile soil, reclaimed from the sea, around 15 feet below sea level.

    # Art Museum: The floating Art Museum the design featuring three circles: the Port, the Stage and the Observatory.

    # Arboretum: The arboretum of Floriade consisting of trees, plants, flowers and shrubs, which are all planted in alphabetically order.

    # Biotopia – Growing Community, Germany’s innovative solutions for a sustainable interaction between nature and the city.

    # Flores Almere: The residential tower Flores consisting of 80 rental apartments. Facade artworks of trees, plants and flowers.

    There was something for everyone; show gardens, floral pavilions, an everyday cultural programme, first class food and beverage. We made it into a great day out!
    A day to step away from the obvious cheese and windmills and enjoy a day exploring delightful gardens, by international landscape designer and city planners.

    ASK ME!
    Hans Langh is always happy to answer questions before you make a reservation (special requests about combining or changing tour pickup and drop off points). Arriving at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol we would like to know your flight number to return you to Schiphol in good time for your onward flight. I would like to hear from you. To book a tour at short notice, same or next day, call Hans Langh on +31 6 14350386.

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