old Saint Bavo Church Haarlem

the old saint bavo church in twilights

The Grote Kerk or old Saint Bavo Church Haarlem has been the seat of the diocese of Haarlem since the 16th century. After the Reformation, Protestantism became dominant in the Northern Netherlands.
It is without doubt one of the most beautiful churches in the Netherlands.
The Müller Organ from 1738 is famous and regularly hosts concerts. Mozart played the keyboard at the age of 10.
The leading fathers of the Saint Bavo were also active as regents of the almshouses. They decided who were poor enough and pious enough to receive assistance. This prevented rebellions and with charitable works the regents ensured their own salvation.
The so-called bread bank is special. This is where the church leaders distributed bread and bacon to the poorest of the poor.

During a walk in Haarlem city centre we will admire the old Saint Bavo and it’s famous organ. In combination with the floral tours or countryside tours.