RijksMuseum to stage largest Vermeer Exhibition ever

View of Delft to see at RijksMuseum Amsterdam

There are currently no more tickets available for the Vermeer expo in the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam. More than 300,000 tickets have been sold for the exhibition. The Rijksmuseum says it is now investigating the possibilities of offering more people the opportunity to come and watch.

The Vermeer exhibition can be seen until the 4th of June 2023.
Never before have so many works by the 17th-century master been on display: 28 of the approximately 37 paintings have come over from all over the world. There are also seven works that have never been shown in the Netherlands before.
Vermeer and his paintings are mysterious: A lot remains to be guessed.
We don’t even know what he looked like. There are no diaries, no letters. We can only get closer to Vermeer through his work.
One work is missing because because it was stolen 33 years ago.
And more works have been stolen but recovered in the past.
Stolen twice in Dublin on behalf of the IRA, but recovered in Belgium.
Counterfeited by master forger Han van Meegeren and ‘stolen’ by Nazi leader Herman Göring.
In 1990, Johannes Vermeer’s ‘The Concert’ is stolen from the Gardner Museum in Boston, US, by two ‘policemen’ in uniform.
Recently, two ‘climate stickers’ stuck to ‘Girl with the Pearl Earring’.

More information about the Vermeer Exhibition at the RijksMuseum website.

We can end any tour at the RijksMuseum.
Only friends of the RijksMuseum are able to visit the Vermeer exposition