Mauritshuis Museum the Hague

mauritshuis with red, white and blue flag of the netherlands and banner of vermeer's painting girl with the pearl earring

One of the most famous museums, the Mauritshuis Museum the Hague is located directly next to the office of the Dutch Prime Minister.
On display there is the royal collection of paintings. Works by Flemish artists from the 15th to the 18th century and by Dutch masters from the golden age.
The most famous works in the Mauritshuis are ‘the anatomy lesson of Dr. Tulp’ by Rembrandt van Rijn, ‘the bull’ by Paulus Potter and ‘the girl with the pearl earring’ by Johannes Vermeer.
The Mauritshuis used to be called ‘the sugar palace’ and for a reason. The owner Johan Maurits van Nassau traded in slaves who worked on sugar plantations in Brazil. This is a black page in Dutch history.

We will visit the Mauritshuis Museum the Hague during our Amsterdam, Gouda, Delft and the Hague Tour. If you have an interest in art.