New Church Delft

william of orange's tomb with a sculpture of his spaniel which symbolizes loyalty

The Nieuwe Kerk on the Markt is a late Gothic cruciform basilica. The New Church Delft is not new at all, it was built between 1383 and 1510.
One can climb the tower of the Nieuwe Kerk. With 376 narrow steps you reach a height of 85 meters. A tough climb, but then you have a breathtaking view on Delft.
With a height of 108.75 meters, the tower itself is the second highest church tower in the Netherlands. Only the Dom Tower in Utrecht is taller.
According to royal protocol, all members of the House of Orange are tombed in the burial chambers of the Nieuwe Kerk. Of the 43 Oranges, recent burials were of Queen Juliana, Prince Bernhard, Prince Claus and his son Prince Friso. Delft has therefore always been associated with our royal family for centuries.
The most famous former resident of Delft was William of Orange and his mausoleum has a prominent place in the church. Gold, bronze, black marble, Italian and white marble were used for the construction of the tomb. The tomb is on the UNESCO list of Dutch monuments.
The tomb has a number of symbolic references. Four female statues symbolize freedom, justice, religion, strength and courage. An image of the Spaniel dog at the feet symbolises fidelity and loyalty.

We can pay a visit to the New Church Delft during our Amsterdam, Gouda, Delft and the Hague Tour.