Flora Holland Aalsmeer

flowers in all colors at the Flora Holland flower auction

Aalsmeer is located about ten miles south of Amsterdam.
Aalsmeer was an area with a lot of water, but a scarcity of land.
As a result, it was used intensively and the cultivation of strawberries started.
That was the basis for today’s floriculture.
Aalsmeer has the largest flower auction in the world, called Flora Holland Aalsmeer, named after the goddess of flowers and Spring.
The historic garden of Aalsmeer provides a good insight into the horticultural history of the Netherlands.
The cut flowers are grown in greenhouses, as the climate is to cold for open air growing.
Roses, chrysanthemums, tulips and carnations are among the best-selling flowers.
The auction is owned by a corporation of florists and employs 1800 people.

An early visit (leave Amsterdam before 8AM) to Flora Holland flower auction we can include to all our tours.