Broek in Waterland

broek in waterland architecture colors and style of houses

Before the reclamation of polder areas, Broek in Waterland was a prosperous village with an open connection to the Zuiderzee.
In the center of the village are beautiful 17th and 18th century wooden houses. Usually painted in gray, green or blue pastel shades.
In the late Gothic Broekerkerk, the history of the village is depicted in stained glass windows from 1640. The tower can be seen from a long distance.
The most famous grave belongs to Neeltje Pater, shareholder of the Dutch East India Company. The single woman’s capital was the immense sum of 8 million guilders and she was the owner of 16 merchant ships.

Broek in Waterland is so beautiful that we include a visit during all our tours.
We love it.