Amsterdam, Windmills and Countryside Tour

Our fantastic private Amsterdam, Windmills and Countryside Tour by van, is a great way to see the famous sights.

We cover big distances across the greater Amsterdam area as nobody else can. Comfortably in our VW van we guide you from highlight to highlight.
Our private Amsterdam, Windmills and Countryside Tour is no ‘drive-by’ tour. There are lots of places we’ll stop: to look at, photograph and talk about Amsterdam’s great history and architecture. Along the way, we’ll discover the city’s seventeenth-century heritage, and also show you some places that perhaps you weren’t expecting to see (see the list of highlights below).

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There are many stops on the Amsterdam, Windmills and Countryside Tour for photo opportunities and an occasional short walk.

Information about the highlights of Holland’s Countryside in Hans Langh’s blog:
Monnickendam, Marken, Alkmaar, Edam, the Amsterdam Defence Line, Hoorn, New Dutch Waterline, Giethoorn, de Haar Castle, Zaanse Schans, Zuiderzee Museum Enkhuizen, Naarden fortified city, Volendam, Flevoland new land, Ouderkerk at the Amstel, De Rijp, Beemster polder, Broek in Waterland, Amersfoort, Weesp, Utrecht.

We work with experienced guides who also have excellent skills in driving. They earned bachelor’s degrees or master’s in art or history. Amsterdam, Windmills and Countryside Tour does not want to be associated with Amsterdam’s taxi drivers who very often show their annoying behaviors at Amsterdam Airport.
Guides and drivers have perfect knowledge about history, modern art or architecture. They lived and worked in Amsterdam, Paris and Berlin and know the cities inside out.
With a passion for photography. They invite you sauntering through Amsterdam and to photograph the most picturesque architecture.
I am always pleased to answer all questions before you make a reservation. About tours, dates, pick up’s, drop off’s, special requests, etc.

from Amsterdam Airport, the Cruise Passenger Terminal Amsterdam or hotel

Our clients are collected from Amsterdam Airport, the Cruise Passenger Terminal Amsterdam or their hotels and dropped off anywhere they choose in central Amsterdam, at the end of the Amsterdam private city tour.
If there is a connecting flight I take you to immigration, or the airline agents at departure 1, 2 or 3.

Amsterdam 4 hour Amsterdam, Windmills and Countryside Tour.
Price € 360 or USD 360 per group.

Amsterdam 7 hour Amsterdam, Windmills and Countryside Tour.
Price € 610 or USD 610 per group.
Additional hours or hours less € 80 or USD 80.
What we’ll see during the Amsterdam Private City Tour:

Included in my Amsterdam, Windmills and Countryside Tour can be:

picture of traditional clothing Volendam. grand-holland-private-tour/ volendam_tradition

A tour to Volendam, Edam, Marken and the Zaanse Schans windmills completes your visit to Amsterdam and Holland.

map of Beemster polder. grand-holland-private-tour beemster_polder

Once water, now land: Beemster Polder. 17th-century investments for Amsterdam’s merchants and unique throughout the world.

picture of Marken lighthouse in winter. grand-holland-private-tour marken-lighthouse_winter

Marken was until 1957 an island in the IJsselmeer; isolated from the rest of the mainland. Now it is a peninsula.

aerial picture of polder. grand-holland-private-tour holland_polderland

More than half of the Netherlands lies below sea level. Flood disasters like in 1953 gave way to built the Delta Works to keep everyone safe.

picture of flowers at Keukenhof. grand-holland-private-tour/ keukenhof2022

From March 23 until May 14 2023.
More than 7 million bulbs are planted in Keukenhof’s 79 acres.
Each year, Keukenhof has a different theme. For 2019, the theme was ‘Flower Power’.

picture of tulips. grand-holland-private-tour tulipanes

Only during tulip times!
Growing 4.2 million bulbs a year, the Netherlands is the world’s largest producer of tulip bulbs.
Half of which are exported. There are almost 2000 varieties.

picture of the Amstel river. amsterdam-private-city-tour the-amstel

The city developed from a small fishing village called ‘Amstelredam’.
The river Amstel is flowing all the way through Amsterdam city center. 
Amsterdam Private City Tour.

picture of seven bridges in a row. amsterdam-private-city-tour amsterdam-bridges

Bloemgracht and Prinsengracht, near the Westerkerk and the Anne Frank House. Amsterdam’s 17th-century Canal Ring was added to the UNESCO World Heritage List.

picture of Rembrandt and Dutch windmill. amsterdam-private-city-tour rembrandt-and-rieker-windmill

Riekermolen is sometimes called ‘Rembrandt’s Mill‘,
built in 1636 and is located on the west side of the river Amstel.
A statue of the Dutch painter Rembrandt is next to it.

picture of iAmsterdam at Museum Square. amsterdam-private-city-tour museum-square

Amsterdam is famous for its museums.
The Rijks Museum, Stedelijk Museum and Van Gogh Museum are located close to each other in the Museum Quarter. The large iAmsterdam letters have become an icon of the city but are now located at the Airport.

picture of canal cruise boats. amsterdam-private-city-tour canal-cruise

One of the best ways to see the city is to hop on a canal cruise. Explore Amsterdam from the waterways. There are companies that offer tours, from informational cruises to those that serve pancakes, or you can rent a boat of your own.

logo Amsterdam loves biking. amsterdam-private-city-tour amsterdam-bicycles

Amsterdam wants to remain a clean and accessible city. Amsterdam is the capital of European biking. What can the rest of the world learn from Amsterdam’s parking policies?

Hans Langh is always happy to answer questions before you make a reservation (special requests about combining or changing tour pickup and drop off points). Arriving at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol we would like to know your flight number to return you to Schiphol in good time for your onward flight. I would like to hear from you. To book a tour at short notice, same or next day, call Hans Langh on +31 6 14350386.

More information to the Amsterdam Windmills and Countryside you will find on this Holland website (will open in a new window).