Vermeer Centre Delft

painting View of Delft, Johannes Vermeer 1660 - 1661, collection Mauritshuis

Not much is known about Johannes Vermeer’s (1632-1675) life.
His most important works are ‘the Girl with a Pearl Earring’ and ‘A View of Delft’.
He lived his entire life, fairly anonymously, in Delft and also painted his entire oeuvre here.
After his death in 1675, his paintings were spread across many top museums around the world. Not a single painting has remained in Delft.
The Vermeer Center Delft shows the life, work and city of the 17th-century master of light. Full-size copies of all 37 works by Johannes Vermeer are exposed. The techniques used by him are explained by means of the camera obscura.
The Vermeer Center Delft used to be home to the former Sint Lucasguild, where Vermeer was a leading figure.
His grave can be seen in the Oude Kerk (also called Oude Jan).