Automobile Museum the Hague

james bond's aston martin at the Louwman automobile museum

The Louwman Automobile Museum the Hague has a unique collection of more than 275 showpieces from the history of the automobile.
It was started by the Chrysler car dealer Pieter Louwman in 1934 with his first item a 1914 Dodge, but the collection has been expanded every year.
It is arguably the most beautiful automobile museum in the world.
Unique examples are an Aston Martin from James Bond, a Humber from Winston Churchill and Cadillac from Elvis Presley.
Also special are the rare copies of DeDion-Bouton, Duesenberg, Panhard & Levassor, Bugatti, Dodge.
And race cars of Formula 1 history can be seen in full detail.
The beautiful building was designed in 2010 by American architect Michael Graves.