vd5 volendam flat bottom former fishing boat

In the middle of Volendam, along the harbour is een green building that once was the fish auction. In 1932 however the Zuiderzee was closed off from the North Sea. Since then the main activity is fishing of eel.
Very worthwhile to vist is the brown cafe Spaander. Since the nineteen hundreds it was a meeting point of impressionist painters and many of them donated paintings to the owner Leendert Spaander.
Volendam is still number one or two on the list of ‘things to do in Holland’ for foreign tourists.
The real attraction, however, are the people of Volendam themselves, who form a very closed community.
They have their own dialect and Monday is still laundry day. The traditional costumes can only be seen on Sundays among the churchgoers.

On our countryside tours checking out the Volendam harbour is a must do.