Amsterdam windmills

in the twilight de gooijer one of the last seven amsterdam windmills

The earliest Amsterdam windmills stood on every twenty five bastions of the fortified city. Together with cannons that protected the city, the mills provided food during sieges.
Now there are only seven left in Amsterdam. Some still turn if they can catch enough wind in the high city.
The main windmills in Amsterdam are:
– mill De Otter is a sawmill from 1631.
– mill de Gooyer is a grain mill and has been rebuilt on the foundations of a demolished water mill.
– mill De Bloem is also a grain mill that was in operation until 1860.
– mill 1200 Roe dates from 1632.
– mill De Molen van Sloten is daily open to the public and is run by volunteers. It is a water pumping windmill that originally stood in the Watergraafsmeer.
– windmill de Riekermolen was built in 1636 and is located on the Amstel next to Rembrandt and receives busloads full of tourists.
– mill de Admiraal is a chalk and lime mill from 1792.