King’s Day on 27th of April in Amsterdam

a kingsday concert at museum square attended by thousends of orange dressed Dutchmen

Kings day on 27th of april is the official birthday of Willem-Alexander Claus George Ferdinand, King of the Netherlands, Prince of Orange-Nassau, Jonkheer van Amsberg.
The whole city celebrates this in orange and the city is one big free market.
Tourists from countries without a King or Queen have heard about it but don’t know what actually happens. It’s like Indepence Day for Chinese.
All Dutch people are on the street and in Amsterdam half of them are on the water. On the canals, skippers try to navigate between the bridges and everyone sings ‘Long live the King’.

One day a year we will be part of all Kings day festivities.
During all our tours.
Inside the city of Amsterdam or elsewhere in the country.