Market Square Delft

a view of the market square delft and city hall seen from the new church tower market square delft

The town hall of Delft is one of the most beautiful monuments on the Market Square Delft.
The old prison in the tower of the town hall can sometimes be visited. In this prison, the most famous Dutch murderer Balthazar Gerards was held captive. After the attack on William of Orange, he was publicly tortured and executed on the market.
Opposite the town hall is the statue of Hugo de Groot. The young De Groot turns out to be an intellectual all-rounder. At the age of eleven he studies law at Leiden University. He writes Latin verses and texts about classical antiquity. The French king called him ‘the miracle of Holland’.
De Waag, behind the town hall, is currently in use as a theatre.
The Vleeshal dates from the middle of the 17th century, but it had various functions over the years. In 1939, the building was confiscated by the Germans as their air defense command center.
De Visbanken has been located on the corner of the Grote Markt since 1342. Fresh herring, eel, plaice and cod are supplied from Scheveningen every day.