Architecture Amrath Hotel Amsterdam

every detail of the amrath hotel amsterdam is about shipping history

The ‘Amsterdam School’ of architecture is based on the international ‘Art Nouveau’ and the Scheepvaarthuis is a top monument of this style,
The Architecture Amrath Hotel Amsterdam is a well-known landmark of the City of Amsterdam and was built in 1913 as the luxury headquarter for six major Dutch shipping companies.
As a result, shipping has been the central theme of the design and the use of authentic materials. Every detail has a connection with the sea.
It has an impressive staircase, beautiful stained glass windows and luxurious marble floors.
Grand Hotel Amrath Amsterdam has restored it to a five star hotel with 175 rooms and a restaurant. It fascinates with its beauty of both the inside and outside.

The interior and exterior of hotel Amrath is breath-taking. We will see it during one of our tours.