Floriade 2022 Amsterdam Almere

bird's eye view of Floriade Amsterdam Almere artist impression

Floriade 2022 Amsterdam Almere will take place from the 14th of April to the 9th of October 2022.
A horticultural expo that only takes place once every ten years in the Netherlands.
It will show the power of Dutch landscaping and garden design with a splendor of trees, flowers and plants.
Almere is the youngest city in the Netherlands, in the middle of the Flevopolder, about twenty miles from Amsterdam.
The Expo shows 40 inspiring country presentations, pavilions with sustainable innovations, a cable car over the Floriade park, a spectacular greenhouse complex and art and culture programmes.
Growing green cities is the theme. It is about the connection between green and the themes ‘water’, ‘biodiversity’, ‘green raw material’, ‘health’, ‘air quality’ and ‘the circular economy’.