Zuiderzee Museum Enkhuizen

impression of an old traditional fishing village at the zuiderzee museum enkhuizen

The Zuiderzee Museum Enkhuizen shows what life was like before the construction of the 20 miles long Afsluitdijk, closing off the former Zuiderzee.
There are more than a hundred historic buildings from the former Zuiderzee area.
There is information about the lost Zuiderzee islands: Pampus, Marken, Schokland, Urk and Wieringen.
There are demonstrations of smoking eel, old crafts, the making of traditional costumes. Volunteers explain how life was a century ago.
Nearby Enkhuizen is a beautifully preserved harbour town with the Dromedaris lighthouse as the most striking building.
The reclamation of the Markerwaard was the last part of the Zuiderzee Works, which is why a 16-miles dam was built between Enkhuizen and Lelystad. The water was cut off from the sea and rivers. Open water has remained where originally land was intended.