Heineken Experience Amsterdam

green star and green bottles the color of the beer at heineken experience amsterdam

Heineken is a typical Amsterdam beer and the company was founded in 1864 by Gerard Adriaan Heineken. The brewery at Stadhouderskade was then owned by Freddy Heineken and in use by Heineken until 1988.
At the moment Heineken is the second largest beer brewery in the world, after Anheuser-Busch InBev.
Now the massive brick building is in use as a multimedia information centre. Guided tours at the Heineken Experience Amsterdam are given every weekday all year around for visitors, if 18 years or older.
They will hear about the Heineken history, but also the brewing proces is explained. It is much more than just another brewery tour.
Beside of history and celebrating the world famous beer, there is a three dimensional ride that takes one through each step. A beer bottle with a personalized label is available after the visit.
Also the former stables are open for public and even nowadays you can see the Belgian breed horses pulling the beer wagons through Amsterdam.

The Heineken Experience is the perfect spot for a nice refreshing drink during our Amsterdam tour.