red light district Amsterdam

one of the most beautiful Amsterdam canals flooded by red light

In the evening life awakens in the red light district. Then the red lights shine in the countless shop windows in which prostitutes present themselves for customers.
During the day, the district is a normal residential area in the middle of the city. Next to the windows of the prostitutes, children are playing in kindergarten, locals stroll through the small shops and sit in cafés.
This mix of red light district Amsterdam and everyday life makes the De Wallen district so bizarre.
The women in the shop windows should definitely not be photographed. Bodyguards are quickly on hand to correct you.
And customers also prefer to remain anonymous and do not like to be photographed.
Sex, drugs and alcohol: that’s what the red light district Amsterdam is all about.
What many do not know is that, despite its bad reputation, the red light district is one of the most beautiful and oldest parts of Amsterdam

The best way to discover Amsterdam’s Red Light District is to stroll this area by yourself. Avoid the unrespectful group walking tours. We do sightseeing tours to the medieval old city.