Delft blue

artist working in the Delft Blue painting studio

Delft Blue is world famous. Delft was once teeming with potteries, today there is only one left: De Porceleyne Fles. The studios and factory are open to the public.
When you walk through the city, the famous Delft’s Blue pops up everywhere in the streets. In the souvenir shops, but also in galleries and studios.
Or just literally on the street. There are ceramic paving stones in some places and there are also some blue coloured lampposts in the city. Even the street art is blue!
Genuine Delft Blue can be recognized by the mark under each object. A pharmacy bottle with the initials JT, Joost Thooft, one of the earliest owners of the company. The word Delft with a curly capital D. The painter’s initials on the left, the year code on the right and the article number at the bottom.

royal delft blue